Our Vision

To be recognized as a trusted Global Smart Transactions provider for the financial sector.

Our Mission

We Enable Smart Transactions Anywhere: Integrating personalized proximity marketing & payments with issuers’ rewards currencies and instant offers – in seamless card-link solutions at any point of sale, with any payment card, in real time.

Our Values


About Us

We are Mobi724 Global Solutions, a global Fintech company offering a suite of card-link, customer engagement & retention, and payments solutions that work on any payment card and at any Point of Sale.

Our turnkey solutions deliver comprehensive traceability, data analytics, business intelligence, personalized proximity marketing, EMV transactions, full ATM functionality at POS, and enable payments with loyalty points – rewards currencies and instant cash backs directly at the store or online.

Our technologies empower payment card associations, card issuers, retailers, market place operators, service providers to create, deliver, manage and track and measure incentive campaigns in real time worldwide.

What We Bring to the Markets

Mobi724 Global Solutions continuously innovates in the field of Fintech, investing in distributed ledger (blockchain) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. We provide a suite of solutions, empowering payment card issuers and card processing networks to implement new payment capabilities directly at the point of sale. We enable issuers to seamlessly link any merchant’s offer to their cards portfolio, and leverage new personalized relevant automated communication channels with their customers. By bringing the best of proximity marketing and O2O – we aim on galvanizing rewards currencies for issuers, on generating more commerce for merchants and on delivering seamless, fun, and rewarding experience for customers.