MOBI724 provides card issuers, banks and merchants the ability to issue an offer linked to a payment card, that can be redeemed directly at the point of sale in a seamless user experience for all parties in the ecosystem (card issuers, retailers and cardholders).

Benefits to Card Issuers

  • Incremental spend- monetization of customer base
  • Business Intelligence & Customer Analytics
  • Leverage customers purchase data to generate more revenues
  • Ability to send personalized & relevant offers to users
  • Increase affinity / loyalty to core business / brand awareness

Benefits to Merchants

  • Risk free advertising – NO training of staff – NO changes to POS
  • Increased traffic & sales
  • Customer insight – personalized offers
  • Real time ROI
  • Ability to influence the shopper at the POS in real time

Benefits to Consumers

  • Hassle fee redemption of relevant offers, using the banks payment cards
  • Instant gratification
  • Personalized offers
  • Cross-promotions

Links offers to payment cards (debit or credit) and allows for offer redemption directly at point of sale, creating additional transactions and improving customer’s experience:

  • Merchant’s offer is uploaded on MOBI724’s platform (merchant, discount, dates, etc.)
  • MOBI724 links offer to client’s payment card as per business rule (segment or group, merchant, discount, etc.)
  • Cardholder receives an offer notification on his mobile device via email, SMS or mobile APP
  • Cardholder makes a purchase, offer is linked to the payment transaction in real time and the discount value is applied as statement credit on client’s account
  • Cardholder receives a personalized real time notification of the transaction and the value being applied, via email / SMS / mobile app

Cardholder can choose to redeem loyalty points for a vouchers (or gift-card) linked to the payment card, directly at the point of sale:

  • Seamless process
  • Adds transaction, incremental spend and more revenue on card
  • Eliminates fulfillment cost
  • Personalized real-time messaging to cardholder

Allows members of a Bank’s rewards or loyalty program to pay with points, directly at the point of sale. The cardholders participating in the program may choose to use their available points to pay for purchases, directly at the POS of a participating retailer:

  • Influence customer at POS
  • Instant notification to customer
  • Eliminates fulfillment cost