Payment Solutions724

Enhanced Payment Solutions to Answer your Business Needs.

Our experts provide turnkey solutions to financial institutions and merchants to capture payment card transactions on any device and payment hosts. Our PCI compliant platform allows merchants to deploy mobile and traditional payment terminals in any location. We also enable our clients to process EMV payments, cash advances and other ATM capabilities at Point of Sale.

mobi virtuo 724 switch

MobiVirtuo724 Switch

1. MobiVirtuo Gateway Switch offers device agnostic connectivity

2. Supports EMV, MSR & NFC

3. Designed to be scalable & built on a reliable platform

4. Modular design permits easy addition of partners and interfaces

5. Virtuo724 allows to deliver full ATM capabilities at the POS, settlement and clearing.


1. Customizable transaction App that converts smartphones and tablets into payment terminals.

2. Processes debit, credit, Ach and EFT payments

3. Accepts MSR, EMV payments with PIN, signature, or NFC schemes

4. Compatible with multiple operating systems and languages

5. Added security as card data is encrypted when a card is accepted

m pos 724

Benefits of Payment724 Solutions

Issuers, acquires,
cards associations


  • New Revenues: Add transactions and additional revenues on payment cards
  • Cut Costs: Deploy and operate cost-efficient EMV compliant payment schemes
  • Improve Customer Retention by offering competitive and commercially needed products


  • New revenues: Increase sales by accepting payment cards in store or on the road and Improve cash flow – replacing checks with card payments.
  • Allows implementation of all MOBI724’s value – added transaction processing capabilities.
  • Cut Costs: no need to purchase equipment and data centers – Mobi724 solutions are turnkey
  • Improve Personal Security by decreasing the amount of physical cash in stores or on the road


  • Leverage the convenience of cashless payments – for services in locations where you thought it was not possible
  • Access full featured ATM at POS at local merchants’ locations
  • Empower merchants to improve services due to enhanced payment infrastructure

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