Through Card-Linked Offers & Rewards, MOBI724 provides card issuers, banks and merchants the ability to issue a card / user linked coupons that can be redeemed directly at the point of sale, in a semaless user experience for all parties in the ecosystem (card issuers, retailers and cardholders).

Through Digital Marketing & Loyalty, MOBI724 offers a comprehensive loyalty and customer relationship solution to retailers so as to deliver, manage and control a multitude of reward options. They also provide a variety of tactical/promotional solutions for retailers who are looking to leverage their customer purchase data.

Through Payments, MOBI724 delivers a turnkey solution to merchants and financial institutions to capture card transactions on any mobile device and payment hosts. Our Mobile platform is designed to allow acquirers and large merchants to quickly deploy and offer mobile payments in any location. Our easy to adapt gateway Switch is designed for easy integration with all payment protocols.